My AMAZEBOX was delivered with a "Reject" sticker on the box. What does this mean?

Receiving a package labeled REJECT could be unsettling, but we have some information to share with you which we hope will provide context and assurance.

After subscription box order was picked, packed and sealed, the box was sent off to our carrier to deliver to you, however, the address label with the shipping barcode (needed for the carrier to process the order) did not make it onto this box on the first try. This happens occasionally. When it does, the carrier notifies our shipping team with a sticker that says “Reject, Rerun no BCData” - BC is short for Bar Code Data.

The other information on the REJECT label is information that enables our warehouse team to identify the package and submit the shipping label to process your order. 

That being said, we want to ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition! If you have any concerns at all regarding the content delivered in your Amazebox, please send a picture of the condition of the items on arrival to - we would love to help! 

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