Which LimeLife by Alcone Eyeshadows have a shimmer or foil formula?

Looking for a shimmer or foil finish eye color? We've got you! Our eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend beautifully. 

The following Eyeshadows have a Shimmer or Foil effect: 

Eyeshadow Name Finish
1 Sweet Dreams Shimmer
2 Peachy Gleam Shimmer
3 Blondie Shimmer
14 Uptown Girl Shimmer
15 Tainted Love Shimmer
17 Raspberry Beret Shimmer
18 Radio Star Shimmer
19 Antiki Bar Shimmer
20 Rose Colored Glasses Shimmer
21 Gold School Shimmer
22 In Sequins Shimmer
23 Gilded Lily Shimmer
24 Pretty Penny Shimmer
25 Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer
31 Ready, Jetset, Go Shimmer


Eyeshadow Name Finish
45 Yas Queen Foil
46 Murage Foil
47 Empress Foil
48 Phoenix Foil
49 Oasis Foil
50 Heiress Foil
51 Luxor Foil
52 Dynasty Foil


For assistance with selecting the right shades for you, or building a custom palette, please reach out to your beauty guide! If you would like assistance connecting with a beauty guide - feel free to email wecare@limelifebyalcone.com and our customer care team is happy to assist! 

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